Smart Water Management by Xylem’s Digital Solutions

The 90th meetings of the African Water Association (AfWA) Scientific & Technical Council (STC) were held in Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire from November 21 to 24, 2022, under the theme “Innovative Systems, Approaches and Tools to Accelerate Access to Sustainable Water and Sanitation Services for All”. A series of three technical conferences were given during STC Day 1, including one on Smart Water Management by Mr. Samba GUINDO, Regional Sales Manager – West Africa at XYLEM Côte d’Ivoire.

XYLEM is a manufacturer and supplier of innovative technologies in the water sector i.e. pumping systems (multistage, self- priming, end suction…), aeration equipment, flow meter, smart meter, etc.

Xylem’s Digital Solutions help customers gain capabilities in three key areas across their network.

  • Increase the ability to visualize the utilities’ entire water system by providing enterprise-level network transparency to justify expenditures, and prepare for challenges before they become failures;
  • Optimize that system with deeper insights and actionable, data-informed recommendations to improve their systems in real-time, and make better use of inputs and personnel;
  • And deliver greater asset reliance and resiliency, and increasing safety for the community and your people

Xylem digital ecosystem creates an information-centric and connected environment. As the workforce is connected to each other ,they are now connected to physical assets and the environment. Networks of sensors installed through supply, collection, treatment and distribution operations will monitor conditions in real time. Data and information will available via the cloud and hand-held devices anywhere, anytime. Beyond instantaneous process control, big data analytics provides the unique opportunity to explore Decision Intelligence. There are four major technological elements to Industry 4.0: i) Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), ii) Cloud Computing and Edge Computing, iii) Big Data Analytics and iv) Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

Xylem’s digital solutions fall under big Data Analytics and artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Machine learning enables systems to take prescriptive actions based on data-driven predictions. Automation has already replaced routine, manual tasks with higher value. Machine learning and artificial intelligence enable decisions and actions to be taken preemptively in response to changing conditions.

In-situ IIOT devices with edge computing will detect, control and provide visibility on events i.e. level rises, pressure changes, changing water quality and wastewater loading, loss of flow, off-spec effluents, etc.

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