The African Water Association outlines its action plan for 2017

The Executive Office of the African Water Association organized its annual review and planning workshop for the year 2017 in Grand Bassam, on the outskirts of Abidjan, from December 14 to 16, 2016.


The three-day meeting was held in a hotel of the historic city and brought together some partners of AfWA, namely the USAID WA WASH Office, ONAD and PSI. At the end of the second half of 2016, this review workshop was an opportunity to take stock of all the activities carried out over the past 6 months by the various departments of the Executive Office, namely Management and Administration, Communication and Marketing, Finance and Accounting, and Programs. The first day brought together only the staff of AfWA and was the opportunity for each agent to explain to all the employees his or her roles and missions within the Executive Office.

Group sessions subsequently allowed the various departments to review the activities that had been successful or unsuccessful during this half-year, while proposing corrective measures for the future. During the second day and in the presence of the partners of AfWA, the various departments presented an assessment of their activities according to the objectives assigned since July 2016 and defined their projections for 2017. This approach is in line with the monitoring / evaluation policy for the activities of the Executive Office of the African Water Association, which is positioning itself as a strong, competent and structured organization according to the best standards. Along with the various presentation sessions of the action plans of each department, suggestions and contributions were proposed during the exchange sessions in order to improve the performances of all the teams.

The meeting of Grand Bassam has given rise to strong and clear resolutions that will guide the governance and all the activities of the African Water Association for the next 6 months before a new review is organized in June 2017. At the end of the workshop, the Executive Director thanked all the staff for their participation in the various sessions and encouraged each agent to keep his or her indicators on a growth curve in order to consolidate the status of the African Water Association as a leader in the implementation of the WASH sector policies.

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