Bisol Systems for Waste Water Management

Bisol is a company started by a team of young civil engineers, and environmental enthusiasts, who are passionate about solving sewer problems and improving water sustainability. Their products are engineered and custom made to manage sewage and also recycle the sewage back to water for sanitary needs in short non-portable water that will be used for flushing toilets, cleaning the compounds, irrigation of the lawns, and farm irrigation.

The company works with institutions, private owners, and commercial businesses to promote wastewater recycling. The prospects is to be able to reach a large magnitude so that the company can improve sanitation in the region and water security.

Some of its products such as bio-toilets improve sanitation in schools and promote stability. There are also ultra-modern biodigesters that reduce and completely stop pollution, and a compact sewage recycling system that recycles sewage, treats and recycles water from the septic or biodigester and turns it into clean clear water.

Some of the systems presented in the attachment are Bisol’s own innovations and modifications. The company thus proposes custom- made solutions for different setups, through wastewater management consultancy team.

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