Commercialization of Wastewater Sludge Beneficiation

Sewage sludge disposal has become a costly and environmentally challenging matter that requires an innovative approach. Agriman (Pty) Ltd is a South African based company with an international footprint that provides a complete value chain solution for the handling, processing and beneficiation of wastewater sludge to a commercially marketable fertilizer.

Depending on existing infrastructure and processes employed at a wastewater treatment works (WWTW), Agriman has developed the ability to migrate upstream in the process line to perform and manage critical functions related to the digesters and dewatering of sludge that have a direct effect on sludge quality. By means of accelerated solar drying, sludge is dried and stabilized before disinfection and granulation takes place. Once granulated the product is then blended with conventional fertilizer feedstock to customer requirements for agricultural use, effectively transforming a hazardous waste into a registered organic fertilizer that is safe for agricultural use.

The environmental, economic and socio-economic impact of the traditional disposal methods of wastewater treatment works’ sludge is not a sustainable solution. Authorities are also being pressured by laws and legislations that are phasing out the disposal of sludge at landfill sites. Provided that dewatered sludge can be dried cost effectively at a specific WWTW,  Agriman can provide a sustainable long-term alternative that can be implemented on a large scale to safely handle and process sludge to an organic based fertilizer. The trend towards sustainable farming practices creates a high demand for commercially available organic fertilizers to supplement chemical fertilizers. This demand is currently not being met.  The potential to commercially beneficiate wastewater sludge to a registered and approved agricultural fertilizer on a global scale has been shown by Agriman as a model that is economically viable for wastewater authorities, the agricultural industry and sustainable development.

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